The 3 Most Important Factors for Not-Profit Organisations. Part 3: Social Media

Part three in a series on marketing for not-for-profit organisations by SORT South Bank Hub participant Allan John. Part one; part two.

3. SOCIAL MEDIA – Embrace the power of Social!

At this day and age, there’s immense opportunity for NFP organisations to spread their messages using the power of social media. So why do most of the NFPs struggle with putting the word out or reach their target audience. We believe that the biggest challenge for NFPs is to work with little or no budget which consequently leads to producing low quality social content or an inefficient social strategy.

Here’s some handy tips for a non for profits to start embracing the power of social media.

  • Associate with the influencers who care about your cause. Networking online is a great way to identify and connect with people or organisations who can complement your NFP. Twitter and Facebook can be very handy to do this
  • Be responsive to your posts as you create a stories/ discussion about your NFPs on social media. Research on google or using Facebook insights if you have an existing page what your target audience like and care about. Use this data and get the guess work out of your strategy and start making posts relevant to the interests of your audience.
  • #Hashtags are great for creating hype and spreading posts, tweets, etc. Using Hashtags will also help you track your campaigns and reply to live feeds on twitter and Facebook.
  • Storytelling is always worth it when it comes to emotive and situation based marketing. Great stories have the tendency to go viral too without any costs involved. Be consistent with your messages and posts around your stories so it’s easier to understand for your audience.
  • Consider which Social platform suits your NFP more and go hard!

 Facebook is the king


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