The Difficulty Reaching Out

The Difficulty Reaching Out by Connor Eyears

Getty Images is currently running a competition for photographs and images that depict mental illness in a way that rejects stereotypical portrayals and incorporates their recommendations. The photograph above is the South Bank Hub’s first submission. 

Artist Statement:

Communication technology is a means through which the world has effectively become a smaller place. We can speak to anyone, anywhere at any time with absolutely no inconvenience. Facebook has become a platform not only where you can learn about what’s going on in the lives of your friends but a service that allows you to instantly message them from your phone or computer.

The inspiration for this idea came from my own experiences with depression and the associated anxiety. Instead of a list of friends that I could talk to about my problems I felt afraid that I could not meet their expectations as a usually happy go lucky friend and struggled to talk to others during this time.

I created this photo with an altered screenshot of my Facebook chat interface displayed on my phone. The photo was altered later by adjusting the saturation levels and the addition of gaussian blur effects with an image mask so as to not hide the content of the phone.